Curtis Island Water & Sewer Project

The Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) and the Gladstone Regional Council (GRC) engaged GHD to plan, procure and manage three work packages, one of which involved a technical HDD crossing of the Gladstone Harbour. GAWB and the GRC issued a Design and Construction Contract of 3 HDD, PE Pipelines (1 x 500mm and 2 x 250mm) crossing beneath the Gladstone Harbour to Curtis Island. The pipelines will supply Curtis Island with crucial water and sewerage infrastructure. The project involved the first use of HDD Intersect technology in Australia over a distance of 2,130m.

Bamser Involvement In The Project

Bamser were engaged by GHD for their expertise, experience and resources to assist in the delivery of the construction phase services of the HDD Crossings. Bamser’s services were employed and retained for the three HDD harbour crossings.

These crossings were the first HDD Crossings in Australia to use the latest steering technology from Europe incorporating an ‘optical gyro system’. They were also the first HDD crossings in Australia using the ‘intersect process’, whereby drilling is carried out from both ends of the crossing to intersect at a chosen point under the seabed.

Bamser supplied the Crossing Manager who controlled the contract communication, the claims and the day to day administration of the works. This role was also of a technical nature ensuring that the works conformed to standards and the specification.
Additionally Bamser supplied three experienced HDD professionals on a supervisory and technical level acting as client representatives. These client representatives audited the 24/7 operation for the quality of the workmanship, best drilling practise, safety and environment. The client representatives also documented key contractual payment triggers given the Design and Construct Contract had bonus targets, lump sum elements and day rate elements.

The project successfully completed the first of three pullbacks in February 2012 and subsequent two crossings in April 2013.

Bamser Contact

Ben Crosby Managing Director
(07) 3217 5153

Project Details

Client / GHD

Location / Gladstone, Queensland

Infrastructure Owner / Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB)

Timeframe / November 2011 — April 2013

Curtis Island Water & Sewer Project Curtis Island Water & Sewer Project Curtis Island Water & Sewer Project