Surat Basin Rail

The project consists of a 210km Narrow Gauge railway, including up to 8 passing loops, signalling and telecommunications, to be constructed between Wandoan and Banana in central Queensland. Surat Basin Railway is a key strategic development to be delivered through a joint venture of resource companies, investors and QR National, collaborating to deliver the new coal railway.

Bamser Involvement In The Project

Bamser managed the cost planning exercises for the Thiess John Holland JV with specialist input from both civil and rail estimators, to present a critique of the initial estimates provided by the client against the quantities provided. This work was completed during the Expression of Interest (EOI) Stage of the project and was accompanied by submission documentation, logistics, construction methods and an assessment of the materials supply along the remote route.

The client selected track alignment requires significant earthworks, a major bridge structure and minor bridges (roads and culverts). Optimisation of the alignment, grades and the balance of civil excavation works was completed and will be further developed during the RfP phase of the project. Working collaboratively to develop the tunnel and underground sections of the Product Definition Report and Constructability Report forming part of the Construction Plan.

Bamser Contact

Ben Crosby Managing Director
(07) 3217 5153

Project Details

Client / Thiess John Holland JV

Location / Brisbane, Surat Basin Region, Queensland

Infrastructure Owner / Surat Basin Rail

Timeframe / November 2008 — December 2008

Surat Basin Rail Surat Basin Rail Surat Basin Rail