M5 Transport Corridor Study

In May 2008 the State and Federal Government’s allocated funds to undertake investigations into the feasibility of potential improvements to the M5 transport corridor. The outcome of the feasibility study is the M5 Transport Corridor Study - Preliminary Overview Report.
The M5 corridor is the main road freight, commercial and passenger route between Port Botany and Sydney Airport, and south west Sydney. Traffic levels on the M5 corridor have resulted in congestion and increased travel times, which is impacting on Sydney’s economic productivity and competitiveness. This situation will be compounded by planned commercial and industrial growth at Port Botany and Sydney Airport as well as planned population and employment growth along the corridor.
The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) corridor study concluded the existing four kilometre tunnels (2) between Bexley Road at Earlwood and Marsh Street at Arncliffe should be duplicated. The duplication design currently:
• Provides four lanes in the eastbound direction by maintaining the existing eastbound tunnel and converting the existing westbound tunnel to eastbound.
• Retaining two lanes in each direction from the Marsh Street portals to General Holmes Drive, the existing eastbound tunnel ramps to Princes Highway and Marsh Street and on-load ramps from Marsh Street to the westbound tunnel.
• Providing two lanes in each direction from the Marsh Street tunnel portals to the new southern Sydney connection.

Bamser Involvement In the Project 

Bamser completed the tunnel general arrangement analysis and tunnel constructability studies to inform the RTA of the appropriate configuration. These recommendations were adopted by the M5 Transport Corridor Study including the project development progressing with the twin two-lane side-by-side tunnels option. We showed this arrangement provides advantages over the other two tunnel options in programming, costs, incident / traffic management, traffic behaviour and in particular constructability and emergency egress.
Bamser also completed preliminary assessments of the surface connections to the M5 East Freeway, at the eastern end of the tunnel, through investigation according to the following criteria:
• Tunnel and civil works constructability
• Effect on Eve Street and Marsh Street wetlands
• Location of the Marsh Street exit ramp
• Geotechnical conditions
• Indicative cost estimates

Bamser Contact

Tim Brown Director - Major Project Delivery
(07) 3217 5153   timbrown@bamser.com.au

Project Details

Client / Roads and Traffic Authority (now RMS)

Location / Sydney, New South Wales

Infrastructure Owner / New South Wales Government

Timeframe / December 2008 — March 2009

M5 Transport Corridor Study M5 Transport Corridor Study