SydneyLink Motorways - M4 Extension Project

The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) of New South Wales have identified the need for an efficient traffic solution for transport between the western suburbs of Sydney, the Sydney CBD, Sydney Airport, the South Sydney Growth Centre and Port Botany. This is now considered of vital importance to the economy and function of the road network in Sydney.

As a result the RTA is progressing investigations into an underground solution as an extension to the existing M4 Motorway in Sydney.

Bamser Involvement In The Project

Bamser were engaged by the RTA to provide front end engineering design (FEED), programming and constructability support to their existing Motorway Projects division in assessing tunnel delivery options for the proposed underground eastern extension to the M4.
As part of the engagement Bamser were commissioned to complete a staged study to aid the development of tunnel concepts for the Project. Ultimately the refined concept design will form the basis for a formal project procurement process.


Bamser Contact

Tim Brown Director - Major Project Delivery
(07) 3217 5153

Project Details

Client / Roads and Traffic Authority (now RMS)

Location / Sy

Infrastructure Owner / New South Wales Government

Timeframe / May 2008 — July 2009

SydneyLink Motorways - M4 Extension Project SydneyLink Motorways - M4 Extension Project SydneyLink Motorways - M4 Extension Project